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CEO, The Harrington Starr Group


The inaugural listing of the Most Influential FinTech Companies of 2018 brings 100 of the companies set to shape and influence the global FinTech scene in the year ahead. The Financial Technologist has worked with ten FinTech experts from some of the most respected companies in the financial services markets. In collating the listing, we looked for companies who look set to raise the bar, drive innovation and provide real solutions to the problems that lie ahead in a fascinating macro-economic climate.

We are looking to celebrate the people who are raising the bar, innovating in tech, customer experience and delivery. Who are providing the tech solutions that matter? Who are providing the solutions to the challenging economic environment? Who is disrupting and changing the game? This isn’t solely a start-up list. We are looking for companies large and small who are doing things that provide real solutions for the regulatory, economic and technological climate. The judging panel blends some of the UK’s largest financial institutions with start-up incubators and accelerators. There are consultancies, service providers and growth specialists sizing up the market alongside the London Stock Exchange. What was fascinating was the remarkable commonality in thinking. There was significant crossover on the lists perhaps pointing to key themes in the development and emphasis on the market in the months ahead.

We are both proud and delighted to be able to showcase so many outstanding companies on this list. The FinTech industry boasts a genuine depth of talent and to trim a list down to 100 was no mean feat from the judging panel. We are hugely grateful to Hessam, David, Colin, Brendan, Jason, Melanie, Sophie, Amrit and Charlotte for their thoughts, suggestions, nominations and commentary. To have been validated by a panel of this quality is hugely satisfying and something we are incredibly grateful to be able to provide you with.

As ever, with a listing like this, there will be those that agree and those that disagree. We’d love to continue the conversation with you. Why not join the conversation on Twitter? We’ll be using the hashtag #Fintechinfluencers100 and would love to hear your thoughts. Who has been missed out? What are your thoughts on who is influencing the market? What are your thoughts for 2018? What’s hot in the year ahead?

Congratulations to all of those listed and particularly, the 20 that made the tough cut to becoming the judges’ picks. Good luck on a big year ahead and we look forward to seeing many of you make the 2019 list in twelve months’ time!

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