Q&A with Crypto Facilities

Q&A with Crypto Facilities
by Harrington Starr
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Crypto Facilities has been an innovator in the blockchain space since 2014. We operate a regulated, London based cryptocurrency exchange and are the market-leading provider of cryptocurrency pricing data. Our flagship pricing product, the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate, serves as the underlying in bitcoin Futures listed by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Cryptocurrencies have reached a combined value of over half a trillion dollars as of December 2017. The decentralization of finance, disintermediation of payments and shift of power towards the end-user are dominant market trends. Cryptocurrency enables these trends and has emerged as the fastest growing subsector within FinTech.

There are several reasons why cryptocurrencies have attracted so much attention. As political instability is on the rise, the benefits of blockchain-based, censorship-resistant digital tokens have become evident. The ability to “be your own bank” by using a decentralized peer to peer ledger to conduct transactions has become a real option for people around the globe. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an asset class have been growing rapidly over the past few years. The focus of service providers in this area is to enable adoption and foster education among those still bound to the legacy financial system.

At Crypto Facilities we focus on the intersection of digital asset technology and traditional finance. Institutional investors require advanced risk management tools such as derivatives contracts, reliable pricing products, and liquid markets. Using our knowledge and experience in the investment world has been a key competitive advantage in building a crypto financial exchange that facilitates the needs of large traders while still preserving the principles of cryptocurrency.

The after-shock of the financial crisis in 2008-2009 continues until today with Millennials and Generation Z being less willing to use banks and invest in the stock market than they are to invest in bitcoin and use crypto payment protocols. The trend over the coming decades will be for individuals to take more control over their financial lives.

In the early years of the cryptocurrency space, untrustworthy exchanges would get hacked, or worse, run away with the clients’ money. As a London-based regulated firm, Crypto Facilities is one of the first credible exchanges to provide its products and services to the Bitcoin community.

As cryptocurrency adoption is skyrocketing, the demand for access to this asset class is larger than ever.

The 2018 prospect for crypto is bright, with more and more new money coming into the industry as investors are seeking to secure a foothold in the crypto revolution.

Crypto Facilities fills a vital role in the market needed for a professional, secure, and regulated mechanism for acquiring digital assets and managing the risks associated with this asset class.


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