Q&A with Xceptor

Q&A with Xceptor
by Harrington Starr
Staffing and Recruiting Services

Xceptor is one of the UK’s high growth FinTech companies. As a strategic partner to our clients, we are helping businesses to transform their data, processes and technology as part of their digital transformation programmes.

Over the past 12 years, how Xceptor has worked with its clients has changed. Previously firms were looking for more operational level solutions to point problems, now they want strategic partners to help them on their digital transformation journeys. After all, digital transformation has now become an industry imperative for firms who want to both survive and thrive.

Digital transformation is a big job and a large change programme. Our approach is designed to deliver rapid returns. Firms need an approach that is agile, focused on results and in manageable pieces.

We work with our clients to establish and continue to develop the all-important digital backbone. This enables them to analyse their data across their current clients, business, and products and this in turn, helps them to succeed with their digital transformation goals.

Our clients, many of them tier one financial institutions, are all under enormous pressure to innovate and be relevant for their future client. With over 40 clients including HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Standard Chartered, BNY Mellon and Deutsche Bank, Xceptor sits at the heart of the digital backbone.

Through data transformation, we ensure data is accessible, no matter where it sits or what format it exists in.

We turn data into high quality, reliable, trusted data, in a format that can be used and reused; even for purposes not yet thought of.

This first focus on data leads to process transformation and opens the door to effective technology transformation. By focussing on the data, and not the process, our clients are able to realise the true potential of using new technologies in higher value areas. This thereby increases adoption, buy-in and ROI across their businesses.

Technology transformation can involve anything from RPA to NLP to AI, the list is extensive and constantly growing. We are at the forefront of enabling our clients to get the most out of these new technologies, in the most effective way. This can be as part of the Xceptor solution from robotic document processing to using AI for adaptive configuration and AI-driven workflow or simply enabling firms to use RPAs for higher value process automation.

Clients work with Xceptor to build the digital backbone. They need customer, product and business insights based on trusted data to be able to understand how they can transform their business. This in turn supports the creation of new business models, becoming customer centric, making more strategic use of staff and developing operations built for the future – be it in IT, finance, HR, risk, trading, wherever it may be.

Moving forward, we see our potential markets continuing to grow across all regions and this includes developing further technology partnerships to underpin the digital transformation ecosystem. We are excited for 2018 and the opportunities for Xceptor.


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