Amrit Kang
Account Manager, London & Partners

Amrit Kang
Account Manager, Business Growth 

Amrit is client focused and has the ability to build strong relationships, which she did during her time as a head-hunter in financial services having moved teams and helped lead on an acquisition she set up her own business Ravenscroft Solutions. Working with banks she took an alternative direction and looked at researching the peer to peer market place, as a result of this she then worked internationally learning the Fintech landscape by working with SME’s and fast-growing companies.

Most recently, Amrit is working at London and Partners on the Business Growth Programme helping a company’s direction, achieving their goals and optimising their core business. This is through facilitating one to one mentoring, workshops and events around the following; Finance and Funding; Team and Talent; Sales and Markets; Marketing and Branding. Amrit is now working with a number of Fintech’s who are looking to overcome certain barriers of growth and expanding quite quickly.


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